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Alpha and Omega - As a Anthropomorphic Movie by wwwarea Alpha and Omega - As a Anthropomorphic Movie by wwwarea
UPDATE TWO 8/2/2015
The stuff I made is Copyrighted now. But I will not claim Copyright over the Alpha and Omega logo.

Some 'butt-hurt' haters are going around saying "butthurtz hahaha" by pretending that it's somehow "bad" for people to disagree and argue but not bad for haters to claim something in the public first.
If a hater or non-hater claims something bias or other arguable stuff, then people ARE ALLOWED to criticize it back. It's the Internet, get over it!
Seriously, I seen some bullshit claims about this movie, and like everyone, I have the right to bring it out. Calling others 'butthurt' for criticizing those claims is immature and hypocritical.



I am so sick of the hate. I was already planning a stamp like this one day, but then a stupid highly immature messed up group decided to promote more bigotry hatred.

It's not just that, it's even from people I kind of knew. Including from what MIGHT be a troll who actually pretends to be a fan, just to actually lure lovers into more discrimination hatred. - Update The person claim that he/she wasn't a troll and that one message was a joke. Not sure if it's funny though. Also, some edits are outside the bold 'update' areas Update Done
This stuff pisses me off a lot and it also further proves my theory that the term "wolfaboo" has actually been used for nothing but hatred.
As a bonus, the founder of the group is a huge bigot. Why the obvious message? Because he's one of those bigots who is "against" bigots. He even made a stamp himself going "against" bigots ignorant of the fact that he IS one himself.
And that rabid sonic fan (Who blocked me for giving criticism) also seems to be there too.
Mainly because of the above ^, it made me make this earlier sort of.

Even though I'm against the term it's self, Wolfaboo is about being overly obsessed and treating wolves as superior above all animals (Including Humans). It's probably just as bad as treating humans "above" all animals too.


As I've said, people have the right to argue back. So here is my argument against many biased/unfair messages against this movie.
It's a myth vs reality list, I feel it's easier to try this way.

Myth #1 - This is zero percent original!
What because it's made up of existing ideas like every f***ing movie in the world?
If this had to be brought out then you might need to bring out the movie Frozen and pretty much many Disney movies because they are even MORE unoriginal than this.

Frozen: Happy at first, SINGING, problems, bad guy, must go away, come back, and return back to the castle, two people fall in love, bad guy, bad guy loses, happy ending.
Alpha and Omega: Happy at first..? No singing, problems, something happens, comes back and now something must happen or the "good guys" will declare war.
Wow, that was unexpected.

Originality is a myth. But in terms of "original" as a whole: Alpha and Omega IS 'original' as a whole. They combined ideas and put them together, and added there own roles to it. Disney does the SAME thing. Perhaps even more predicted generally than Alpha and Omega. Face it!

Myth #2 - This gives wolves a bad name
Are you F***ING serious? This is a anthropomorphic/personification fun movie, not a f***ing educational movie!
Disney, Pixar, Time Warner, etc, etc has done this so many times before.
This is a f***ing kids movie too by the way. Even though adult targets can still include anthropomorphic/personification effects.

Myth #3 - The designs are incorrect
Ever heard of Art Style before? Ever heard the fact that people are ALLOWED to have different anatomy?
Also, from the making of this movie: They wanted to avoid making them having the same anatomy as real life wolves. They didn't want them to look the same, which is very understandable. If all of them copied realism bullshit, then each character would have LESS personality.

Myth #4 - Some fans like this sexually, which is bad
Not only this has nothing to do with the movie it's self, but there is nothing wrong with fans like that. What the flying hell is wrong with being happy in life? Can't fans be happy and express themselves? They are NOT hurting anyone. F*** those haters, they are really messed up for promoting hatred against ANY kind of fan whatsoever.
If you are a person who is against those kinds of fans, then I hope you get banned off this website for promoting such offensive hatred. You are the reason why people have wars.
Blame the bully/hater activists, not the victim.

Myth #5 - Animation is flaw
Animation is allowed to have a style, and for this movie: This is a anthropomorphic animation style, and you can't bring that out. Just because they don't act like real wolves doesn't mean that this is a flaw. People are allowed to have any kind of animation style.
The only thing I agree is that if there is choppy and glitchy animation, then yes, that can be improved more but that would just be minor from what I can see.
Also to bring out another thing, this movie was made by a smaller company.

Myth #6 - Movement isn't real, it sucks
It doesn't need to be real.. They wanted to make it half cartoon for the animation. It was there style, it's supposed to be a cartoon/realism movie.

Myth #7 - This is a Wolfaboo Movie
You have got to be kidding me. All this movie is: Is a kids movie about anthropomorphic wolves, and it's about wolves being nice, friendly, etc. (Oh and it's been proven that even 'real wolves' can actually learn from humans.)
The real wolfaboos who enjoys this movie doesn't make this movie wolfaboo it's self. Yet, the term "wolfaboo" is something so stupid.

Myth #8 - This Movie is HORRIBLE
This movie had a little bit of actual legit flaws, but that doesn't make it terrible as from what I can see, there wasn't that much.
This movie is actually loved by many fans. If this was truly horrible, then there would be little to no fans maybe.
Yes, popularity does count sometimes because this is about enjoyment and from what I can see, this movie offered ENOUGH to actually get a cult following and yes, it's fair to bring this out.

-There are probably more myths (duh) but I wanted to cover the more general ones.


If I can be unbiased over this movie, then I'll say as a kids film, this offered a lot. Many kids seem to like it, and even many adults do too.
Might of had some issues in animation movement, maybe they could ADD more into the plot as maybe the plot was weak in some parts, but I can still see that it offered enough to many different kinds of people so far.

Yes, opinions can be argued and I wanted to argue against something so unfair and bias/biased. It's fair to do that. If you think I'm "wrong" then PROVE IT.

Seriously the hatred against this film is one of the most f***ed up things I've ever seen in my life.
It's wrong - Promotes pain, hatred, etc
It's unnecessary
It's a waste of life
and other problems.


Warning: 'Butthurt' haters may comment here.
Here is my message to them:
The owner of this deviation has disabled comments.


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November 18, 2014
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